I’m pleased to say, my first novel was recently a featured offer with Book Hippo.

Book Hippo is a website for readers and authors.

As a reader, you sign up and tell them your preferred genre or genres. They will then send you an email daily or weekly (your choice) and let you know about all the special offers and new releases that they think you’ll be interested in.

As an author, you sign up and claim your books. Then, if you’re having a special offer, you can suggest it to Book Hippo as a feature. If they choose you, they’ll promote your special offer to people whom they think will enjoy your work.

It’s a great way for readers and authors to connect.

My first novel, ‘Doesn’t Everyone Have a Secret?’ is currently half price on Amazon. Book Hippo were good enough to feature it in their newsletter on the 27th January, and I was delighted to find myself sharing the page with some exciting authors such as David Walliams with his children’s book, ‘The First Hippo on the Moon,’ and Jenny Blackhurst with her psychological thriller, ‘Before I Let You In,’ among others.




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