love-them-and-leave-them-by-sue-shepherd-cover-imageI’m absolutely delighted to be able to say the words – ‘Here’s my second novel.’ I never thought I’d love a book as much as I love ‘Doesn’t Everyone Have a Secret?’ But, hey, you find more love. It’s just like having kids!

‘Love Them and Leave Them’ looks at two possible outcomes of a single moment.

I’ve always been fascinated by the thought that our decisions, no matter how small, could be accompanied by consequences. Sometimes, when I take the scenic route home or decide, on a whim, to try something out of the ordinary, I find myself wondering – have I just changed my life?

I actually met my husband because someone decided to leave work early. If they hadn’t snuck off, would my gorgeous children even exist? Scary stuff – but I guess that’s a whole other story.

I’ve been interested in the idea of parallel worlds for as long as I can remember being interested in anything. When I began writing ‘Love Them and Leave Them’ I wanted to explore how one man’s choice can affect the lives of others. The ramifications of Ed’s split second decision stretch far and wide. Essentially it’s Ed’s nearest and dearest who are different, but, you’ll see that, somehow, he manages to have a pretty big effect on the lives of a few strangers too.

Writing this book presented me with the wonderful opportunity to create two versions of the same people. I really hope you enjoy reading it.

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