jessica-norrie-author-photoHi, welcome back on this rather chilly Tuesday morning. It may be cold outside, but that hasn’t stopped the guests at Sue’s Blog Party from having a fabulous time. Giant garden Jenga may be out of the question for a while, but we’re finding our entertainment elsewhere. All the guests are now wearing one of Anne’s dressing up outfits. Don’t they look lovely? The champagne sure is flowing here, and, since the Tim Tams have run out, probably due to Renee’s publicity campaign 😉 we’ve all been finishing up the last of Jo’s Jaffa cakes and Stella’s lemon drizzle cakes.

My first guest today is Jessica Norrie. Jessica is a fiction writer, a text book author and a translator. She brought a Nebuchadnezzar, (which is a 15 litre bottle of champagne!), and a collection tin for Syrian refugee children. Knowing these lovely guests, I’m sure they’ll all give generously. Here are Jessica’s Q&As.

What is the first book you remember reading or having read to you? My father used to lie on the couch after Sunday lunch with one of us on each side, reading to us from huge Babar the Elephant picture books. The words were printed to look like joined up script, so we couldn’t read them ourselves. He read himself to sleep while my mother did the washing up, and then we went off to play.

What are you currently reading? Elizabeth Jane Howard’s “Cazalet” series. There are 5 books and I’m on the third, spanning a family history from the 1930s to (I haven’t got there yet – I’m stuck in World War Two). It’s very good, with lots of back story and long sentences and all the things writers aren’t allowed to do nowadays, that tell you so much about the characters and make you care about them more.

What’s the best advice you’ve ever received? Get on with it.

What’s the worst advice you have ever received? You need to earn a salary; you can always write the novel when you retire!

Who is your hero or heroine (real or fictional)? The actress Juliet Stevenson, because she’s a fabulous hard working professional who can move me to tears or laughter; because she’s not afraid to put her political views before her work and speak out for what she believes in , as well as taking practical action. And I think she’s beautiful although not conventionally so.

Where are you happiest? Outside a cafe with my partner, children and friends, warm evening, nice wine, watching the world go by in a safe place with no traffic. Are there still any?

Describe your best ever holiday. The one I just had- my lifetime dream of a trip to Japan. It was beautiful, polite, clean, safe, strange…. Serene gardens and shrines, dramatic waterfalls, fascinating history, great design, delicious healthy food, high quality everything and not (quite) as expensive as I’d thought. All in the company of a lovely man. If you’d like to hear more (although not all 600 photos) see my blog!

If you could be invisible for a day, what would you do? (easy, tiger!) I’d make people like Donald Trump and Nigel Farage disappear in some non violent, humane way that rendered them harmless without anyone ever getting the blame for it. Come to think of it, I’d add … oh, you said go easy!

What’s your signature dish? Chilled Pouilly Fumé in a delicate glass (one bottle serves two)..

Thanks for those interesting answers, Jessica. I really wish I could help you to be invisible! 😉

Babar the elephant was a big part of my childhood too. I adore the image of your dad reading himself to sleep.

You can find out more abut Jessica by visiting her website.


Why not jump into The Infinity Pool and take a look at Jessica’s first novel.

Thanks for reading. Another guest will be along any minute now …

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