jo-bartonFirst up, I’m very happy to welcome Jo Barton to my Blog Party. Hello Jo, I see your two items for the party are a bumper box of Jaffa Cakes and a crate of Ginger Stinger, a local ale brewed in the North West. That sure is a huge box of Jaffa Cakes, that should keep us going for a while. Let’s take a look at your Q&As.

What is the first book you remember reading or having read to you? I can remember my mother reading to me from Enid Blyton’s Brer Rabbit Book. I was about five at the time and I had a rabbit of my own which is why I probably remember this one above others.

Who is your favourite literary character? James Alexander Malcom Mackenzie Fraser, the handsome Scottish hero of the Outlander Books by Diana Gabaldon.

If you could only take one book with you on a desert island, which would it be? That’s an easy one.  It would definitely be Outlander by Diana Gabaldon, which is published as Cross Stitch in the UK. I first read this book in 1991 and it’s been my constant companion ever since.  I would take it, without any hesitation, to a desert island and would never tire of the story.

Which book have you always meant to get round to reading, but still not read? Poldark by Winston Graham. When the drama came on TV I bought the first two books in the series but haven’t had the time to read them yet.

What are you currently reading? The Shadow Sister by Lucinda Riley.

Where are you happiest? At home, surrounded by my family, my books and Jaffa, of course.

Who would you like to star in the film of your life? Audrey Hepburn

Is it best to always tell the truth or is it sometimes better to tell a little white lie? I am scrupulously honest but I do also recognise that sometimes a little white lie does no harm!

What’s your signature dish? I make an excellent Spaghetti Bolognaise.

Tjaffareadstoohanks for those great answers, Jo. I must admit, I’ve heard wonderful things about ‘Cross Stitch’ by Diana Gabaldon. I keep meaning to have a read of it. I love the idea of a story, set in two very different times. I’m just wondering if your decision to buy the Poldark books had anything to do with the rather scrumptious Aidan Turner? Hmm…

Jo is a blogger. You can check out her news and reviews here. She has a beautiful ginger cat who reads the books too. 🙂

I hope you’re enjoying the blog party. Don’t leave yet. There are plenty of other guests to come. Stay and see who’s next …

Check out my full guest list here.

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