AliToday, I’m delighted to welcome to my website, the writer, Ali Chrisp, whose brand new novel, ‘Home Comforts’ is now available to buy on Amazon.  This is a little piece she wrote about her new writing space.  Ali, I am so envious of your gorgeous room and also impressed that you managed to get your hands on the TV remote!  I wish you many a happy hour in your haven, creating your fabulous stories.


Twelfth of January 2015 – Hooray! Building work started on our garage conversion. Before we moved into the house, the left hand garage had been carpeted and used as a gym. Great, we thought, but we quickly filled it up with all sorts of clutter that we didn’t want in the house. We put a treadmill and exercise bike in there but I soon found it was far too cold to exercise in there over the winter (good excuse, eh?) When our neighbours had their garage converted, it sowed a seed in our heads which quickly grew into an architect’s plans, a planning application and, before we knew it, a firm of builders turning up to start work.  Now, people might think we’re mad wanting to make our house bigger, but the new conversion has been split into three sections: a big corner where I can do my writing, a home gym to help attack my ‘writers’ bum’, and a small TV area so I can  escape and be Queen of the TV remote for once! When I was writing Home Comforts I used the smallest bedroom as an office but it was very cramped. I was able to put a laptop on my little desk but there was no room to spread out my paperwork, books and domineering cat.  I started to use the dining room table for a while but my teenage son soon decided it made the perfect place for him to do his homework and revision, and argued that it kept him away from the temptation of his X-Box.

So here I am in my new room, with a desk for my laptop and a second desk to spread everything out on (the cat seems to prefer the window ledge or my lap now).  I wanted somewhere warm, bright and spacious and that is exactly what I’ve got. Our marriage survived the trip to IKEA and my husband was thrilled to assemble all the white office furniture that I had chosen (ha ha!). As well as the desks, I’ve got two space-saving bookcases, a set of filing drawers, a good desk lamp and a phone. Lola the dog is allowed to plonk herself down wherever she likes. All I want now is a kettle, microwave and portaloo and I will have my own little bedsit!  As well as being the perfect writing space, I can look out of the window and assume the role of Neighbourhood Watch, ornithologist and weather forecaster. The smell of new furniture and carpet takes me back to when I moved into a brand new primary school when I was six and it’s strangely comforting. Talking of the carpet, when one of the builders peeped into the room from outside, he said he couldn’t tell if we still had the concrete floor.  Can you imagine looking at carpet samples in the shop and saying, I see you have samples called stone, dove and terracotta … haven’t you got one called concrete?  All is peaceful in here … until my son wants to come in and use the treadmill!

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