Welcome back to my Blog Party.  I just opened the front door and, would you believe it? There was Jessie Hastings, one of the characters from my current novel, ‘Love Them and Leave Them’.  She can’t stay long, she’s just popped in on her way to a shift at Luigi’s Restaurant.  Jessie’s kindly brought some sausage rolls and a bottle of Prosecco. She’s a little self conscious in company and sometimes finds it hard to mingle, so I was delighted to see that she’d arrived at the exact same time as the wonderful writer, Sue Moorcroft.

sue-moorcroftI know Sue will make sure Jessie feels at home. Sue’s rather thoughtfully brought some throat sweets, in case we get sore throats from shouting over the music, and a magnum of Laurent Perrier champagne. While we have a little drink of the champagne, let’s take a look at her Q&As.

What is the first book you remember reading or having read to you? A Noddy and Big Ears book. I don’t remember the title but it included the line ‘Par- parp, par-parp get out of my way, my car’s in a terrible hurry today’. My mum had so much trouble getting away from me when reading bedtime stories that she used to record them and leave them playing when she went downstairs.

Who would be at your dream dinner party (alive, dead or fictional)? My sons, Stephen Fry, Nevil Shute, David Bowie, Jenson Button and many friends.

What’s the best advice you have ever received? Don’t make enemies. I frequently pass this advice on because people move around a lot in publishing and one never knows when the same person will pop up.

Describe your best ever holiday. In Malta. I spent several years of my childhood there and return whenever I can. Specifically, I love to be in the Upper Barrakka Gardens looking out over Grand Harbour, the sun beating on my back.

If I joined you on your perfect day, what would we be doing? We’d probably be at a writing conference with loads of my friends on a sunny day by the sea. Food and drink would contain no calories or health risks; my favourite authors would be speaking and my agent would ring to tell me she’d just sold my books into multiple countries and my latest had hit number 1 in the charts. Then we’d go home and have a lovely meal (one I hadn’t cooked) with my family to celebrate.

What do you think is the best thing about social media? Very immodestly, it’s readers getting in touch to tell me that they’ve loved something I’ve written. I do think writers are privileged to be in the situation where social media makes it possible for readers to contact us with a click or two. I always answer such messages and I’m always thrilled.

And the worst…?! Cyber bullying and revenge porn. I wrote about revenge porn in ‘The Christmas Promise’ and I was enraged by the misery of the victims. I’m delighted that the UK now has specific laws against it (even if it meant me rewriting part of my book!).

What is the most important item you require for a quiet night in? A good book.

Do you prefer Twitter or Facebook, why? I probably like them both equally but for different reasons. Twitter is fast and effective for promo, full of humour and interest. Facebook, because of it being organised by threads without word limit, is more consequential and measured. I’ve done lots of useful research on Facebook and enjoyed long chats with many interesting people. I’m @SueMoorcroft on Twitter and Sue.Moorcroft.3 on Facebook.

Thanks, Sue. I like the sound of that day at the writer’s conference. I’d love to join you. Thanks so much for coming to the party and for looking after Jessie Hastings for me. 🙂

You can find out more about Sue here.



Sue’s latest novel is called ‘The Christmas Promise‘. What a gorgeous cover.


Please come back to my party tomorrow and see who’s up next.

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