Website SueSo who is this Sue Shepherd?

I think most significantly, like so many others, my most important title is ‘Mum’. If asked to remember a time when my sons’ faces were not familiar, the feel of them in my arms unknown and the worry for their safety not woven into my every thought, I would have to say, ‘I truly can’t remember – that was a whole ‘me’ ago.’  My youth has become a distant blur.  My sons are my greatest achievement and I wouldn’t miss a minute of my life with them.

Then there is the amazing actuality that I’m also a wife. Somehow, against the odds, we’ve remained ‘a pair’ for over 18 years.  Sometimes I can’t imagine a life without him – it would be a mirthless life, he most definitely brings humour and love to the marriage. Yet other times, I do just that, I imagine him away because he’s driven me beyond crazy into hyper psycho bitch crazy. I view our marriage with a strange combination of absolute amazement that we’re still together and a heartfelt need to declare we should never be apart.

To you, I’m Sue Shepherd the writer. Writing gives me the freedom to explore. I relish the fact I can place myself into the mind of an assortment of people; one week I may be narrating the emotions of a repressed Edwardian aristocrat, the next a modern day, frenzied crack whore!

Whilst writing my first novel, Doesn’t Everyone Have a Secret? I found that the characters became my friends.  They woke me in the night to tell me their problems; they let me in on their deepest secrets and frequently egged me on, encouraging me to ‘get on with it!’

My second novel, Love Them and Leave Them, looks at the two possible outcomes of a single moment.

I sincerely hope you enjoy my books. They were both labours of love, as demanding as another child at times, but most gratifying to write.

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