party-drinksHello, and a very big welcome from me.

The cocktails are made, the Giant Jenga Game is set up in the garden, and there’s food aplenty! I’ve been busy decorating for days, and now that the very last streamer is in place, I’m ready to begin.

Twenty-two lovely authors and bloggers will be joining me between now and the 18th November. All my guests have been kind enough to take part in a little Q&A session for us. Their answers are varied and thought-provoking, and I’m sure you’re going to enjoy reading them. As well as these guests, I’ve invited a few characters from my latest novel, ‘Love Them and Leave Them.’ Let’s hope they turn up too!


Check out my fabulous guest list.

Jo Barton & Sue Moorcroft

Linda Hill & Stella Birrell

Debbie Bennett & Julie Ryan

Paul Mathews &  Neats Wilson

Caroline Davies, Lainy Swanson & Renee Conoulty

Tracey Sinclair & Anne Allen

Jessica Norrie & Martin Morris

Robert Crouch & Emma Mitchell

Jo Worgan & Anna Osborne

Tara Lyons, Carol Cooper & Barbara Henderson

I asked all my guests to bring two items of choice to the party. Knowing this lot, they’ll bring some interesting and fun things. Let’s see what madness ensues …

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